The official website of Playboy Playmate Tylyn John The official website of Playboy Playmate Tylyn John
Welcome to the official website of Playboy Playmate* March 1992 Tylyn John.

Tylyn has now retired from modelling and her members website has closed down and will not be reopening.

If you were a member of Tylyn's site and have any questions please direct them to


The Spay and Neuter Project

The Spay and Neuter Project on Facebook

A donation of $20 will get you this 8x10 (above) and will help support the Spay & Neuter Project. If you are feeling generous, $50 or more will get you the same 8x10 autographed by all three Playboy bunnies appearing (Suzi Simpson, Julie Cialini and Tylyn John). Any donation, big or small, will get our undying gratitude. Donations accepted via paypal at

If you wish to buy autographed items or memorabilia, photographs of Tylyn, please visit Tylyn has been working closely with them and all items are approved and guaranteed genuine!

Tylyn on Facebook - Tylyn has a Facebook page now which can be found at

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Angela Melini Playboy Playmate June 1992

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